Under $20 gift idea for friends

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First holiday post yay! Lets start this festive time of year with a festive post. I have come up with 4 gift ideas that you can get your friends this holidays.

Idea 1 

Who doesn’t love wearing fuzzy socks by the fire while sipping on some tea. This is a perfect duo gift to get a friend this Christmas.

Fuzzy Socks Forever 21 $9.90
Secret Santa Davids Tea $8.80

Idea two 

This is another adorable duo gift. This stationary kit comes with a to do list, paper clips sharpener, pencil, binder clips, and sticky notes (also comes in floral and pink). I think a really cute phone case is the perfect gift to pair with this. This gift will be the perfect gift for a friend going back to school in January.

Stationary set forever 21 $10.00
Forever 21 phone cases $7.63

Idea 3 

I mean, who doesn’t love hot chocolate in a super cute bear mug?

$9.00 mug from Chapters


Tim hortons $4.98

Idea 4

This is the perfect group of gifts for your friend who’s just looking to relax this holiday and not think about school at all. Bath and Body works and Lush have some sweet holiday gift deals happening right now. (Link down below)

Thundersnow bathbomb $6.95


$3.00 hand soap bath & body works


$4.90 face mask Forever 21




I hope this can help your gift shop a bit easier 🙂


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