Reindeer Holiday Treats

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Welcome back! As I said in a previous blog post, I am here to share a holiday treat recipe that my friend Kara and I did earlier this week for a school holiday video. Stupid me didn’t save a photo of the final product. However I added a picture of us and you can kinda see the treats at the bottom corner of the photo haha. Happy treat making!

Let’s get started

What you will need:

-A box of  large candy canes. We used peppermint ones but, you could really do whichever flavour you want.

-A bag of chocolate chips

-Candy eyes ( you can get these at Walmart or Michaels)

-Red M&M’s (For the nose)

-A stove or microwave to heat up chocolate

-A bowl

-A tray

-Parchment paper


  1. Start by unwrapping all your candy canes from the wrapper. If you are making this for a group of people I would get two boxes of candy canes because a lot of times, candy canes are broken in the box and for this treat you need two candy canes per reindeer.
  2. Start stove or microwave. We used a portable stove top and poured the chocolate in a bowl and let it sit till it started bubbling. If you’re going to microwave it, microwave it till it’s nice and bubbly and hit.
  3. Once you have your melted chocolate start right away so your chocolate doesn’t cool off.
  4. Start buy dipping the straight parts of the candy canes in the chocolate and then sticking them together so the hook parts are facing outward. Place them on a tray with parchment.

5.  Before moving onto the next one, start placing the eyes eyes and nose on the candy cane before the chocolate cools off

6. Continue steps 4-5 till you’re out of candy canes

7. If you have enough time to wait you can simply wait for them to cool off but if you are more in a rush you can put them in the fridge and let them cool off that way

and there you go! Such a simple but tasty holiday treat to make over the Holidays. If you do not like candy canes you can always try this treat with Pretzels as well. The candy canes is just a cute lil holiday twist for this treat.


Happy holiday treat making!!




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