5 things working in retail has taught me

1. Read more books2. Get a new hobby3. Try rock climbing4. Be more creative

Happy Monday everyone 🙂

Welcome back to my blog!! The last week has been tiring, if you are a college/university student you know the stress level of school right now and if you’re a student and a part time worker you know feel the stress level. However, we are so close to the holidays just gotta pull through these next couple weeks.

I was at work the other day working one of those 11:30am-closing shifts and the store was pretty dead and it got me thinking about everything I have learned about retail/working in retail.

  1. Stay busy busy busy!!: Lets be real here… any shift more than 4 hrs seems long when you work in retail.  Try and stay as busy as possible. A lot of times I work on the floor, it’s just back and fourth organizing racks that are just going to get messy two seconds later. However, time goes by so much quicker if you just keep cleaning. As irritating as it is to have to re organize a rack of clothes after just cleaning it, times is just going to go by even slower if you’re just doing circles in the store. Also ask your co-workers if they need help with anything. Team work y’all!
  2. DRINK WATER AND EAT BEFORE YOUR SHIFT OR PACK A GOOD LUNCH: Okay, yo, this is important. This is mainly if you work a long shift, but even if you work a short shift drinking water is SO important (stay hydrated). I think it’s so important to eat something before you start a long shift. Even if you don’t feel hungry, you know the second you start working your stomach is going to growl but oh wait you can’t go eat till you’re on break. If you are packing a lunch pack something substantial. I’ve linked some substantial lunch recipes I found on Pinterest  below, because it’s so easy to just pack a granola bar and call it a lunch (Yes I am guilty of doing that here or there). I also linked some smoothie ideas if you don’t just want to drink water, even though water is always important. It’s also better to pack a lunch if you’re trying to save money, because lets be real…food is pricey af

-The Deli Snack box: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/524036106633371216/

-Chicken Burrito Bowls: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/282952789069710046/

-Taco salad bowls: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/517632550912200411/

Breakfast burritos: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/557883472582921947/

Shrimp fried rice: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/123426846020489007/

Smoothies: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/AQ8ZGr_Hy3kZJ_dcK2ySgMuVhmqHd9fC8kFWc0dFF5ZhdMeCJtx_mpI/


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Where I work we communicate through walkies and I remember my first few shifts I was always scared to ask questions because I thought they were stupid questions (even though there are no such thing as a stupid question). But on the real, I legit rather just tell the customer to go to the front and ask. Now that I have gotten comfortable since i’ve been working there for awhile. I am never scared to ask questions. It’s better when you come off as more sure and confident to the customer then uncertain
  2. Always try try try and look happy: I mean I’m no angel… I am sure if you ever saw me at work you’d see the odd eye roll or exhausted face on me. However, I do try my hardest to smile, be friendly and really stay engaged when a customer is talking to me. It is so much more of a better experience when you’re happy and the customer is joking around. The worst is when you’re miserable and you rub the miserableness off on someone else and it’s just a…well miserable time.
  3. Be-friend your co-workers: Trust me, time will go by SO SLOWLY if you don’t have anyone to talk too. I’m telling you time goes by so much quicker when you just start conversations with the people you work with. Once you be-friend a co-worker you can both complain to each other how slow time is going by!

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 and I hope y’all had a great Monday. See you again on Wednesday!!


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