Fresh start

I'm back

Happy new year everyone! (22 days late haha). Welcome or welcome back to my blog. I first want to apologize for basically going rogue this last month. Long story short I was sick from Christmas eve all the way up to around mid January (Nothing too serious, it was probably just the worst cold I have ever had in my life). Instead of spending the next couple minutes talking about how I was super sick and how I was kind of going through a creative block, let’s just begin the year with a fresh start. When I started blogging I was super hyped and had so many ideas but getting sick was sort of a road block for me, not to mention it was also the busiest time of year for school as well. Being sick while finishing final assignments was not the best but I managed to pull through and work as hard as I could. I am super excited to start writing again and have so many blog posts coming your way such as:


-Zaful review

-What’s in my suitcase Bahamas edition

-A day in my life school edition

-January favourites


I am not 100% sure what order the posts are coming out in. Each post is a work in progress. I can for sure say the Bahamas related posts can be expected closer to the end of February since the trip isn’t till February 17th, However, I am going to do a lot of  travel related posts before hand.

That being said, I am super excited to see where this blog goes. As of now I am in a very happy point in my life. I have a lot of exciting things happening in my life soon (which I am sure I will talk about soon). I am genuinely feeling really happy and positive these days and I can’t wait to start sharing parts of my life on this blog. Happy reading and hope y’all have an amazing day.

Stay Happy (:





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  1. Lena Jia Ho says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read the details on your trip!

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