January Favourites

January favourites


Hey y’all! Isn’t it crazy that January is almost coming to an end already? Since January is coming to an ending I thought the best thing to post would be a January favourites post! I split up my favourites into categories just to organize it better. So lets begin…:))

Favourite books

-the sun and her flowers

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I actually haven’t read even half of this book so far I am trying to restrain myself from reading it so I have something to read on the beach in the Bahamas but from what I have read I already love it.

-Cravings (Chrissy Teigen cookbook)

-Tasty! (Cookbook)

I have really been into cooking books lately. I usually go to Pinterest for recipes but I have really appreciated the idea of cookbooks lately. I also think cookbooks look nice as coffee table books which I want to do in my new apartment. I am always looking for new cookbook suggestions so message me or comment any suggestions :).

Favourite Songs

-Versace on the floor (Bruno Mars)

-What lovers do (Maroon 5 ft. SZA)

-Finesse (Bruno Mars)

-Tell me you love me (Demi Lovato)

-Say you won’t let go (James Arthur

-Thunder (Imagine Dragons)

-Without you (Eminem)

-1-800-273-8255 (Logic Ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid)

-Baby, You Make Me Crazy (Sam Smith)

I know a lot of these songs didn’t come out in January but these were a few songs that were basically part of my everyday playlist for January.


Favourite products

-Almond milk and honey body lotion from The Body Shop. I am absolutely obsessed with this lotion. I get really dry skin in the winter and will basically try any lotion to help my skin. I actually never really shopped at the body shop to much but my friend said she loved it so I went with her and fell in love with the place and I am so happy I came across this lotion. It actually came in this gift box. I think it was part of the Christmas gifts they had since I got the lotion, a shower creme and a loofah all for 10$.

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-L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Energizing and Brightening Cleanser

I actually haven’t been using this as much lately because I have been pretty lazy haha. I really want to start using it again its seriously makes my skin SO soft, I highly recommend. I got mine at Walmart, however, I am sure they sell them at any kind of drugstore.

If you know me I wear minimal-no makeup. I will wear mascara and lipgloss or lip balm every day. Sometimes I will wear eyeshadow and eye liner if I have time but I rarely wear foundation and such. I think I have pretty sensitive skin so I am a bit careful. That being said a lot of my products will always be face cleaning products or hair products mainly.

Favourite apps


Been really in Pinterest again. I am moving out into an apartment in just a couple months and I love looking up decorating ideas and such on Pinterest.


I actually used to Instagram at least once a week since basically the time  I got Instagram back when I was in grade 11 I think (so like almost 5 years ago) but lately I haven’t been instagramming as much (mainly because I was sick and what was I going to Instagram…me and my tissues…don;t think people would of liked that) but now that I am healthy again I want to get back to posting at least once again.

-Quiz up

Quiz up…kind of a random app but I recently remembered when I was in high school and it was super popular, so I recently decided to re download it and now my boyfriend and I will play it always. Basically it’s a game where you compete against people or friends on a whole bunch of categories. Every 24hrs there are also tournament games that change every 24hrs and you compete to be the best and you earn coins.



-HP Sprocket

I got my HP Sprocket for Christmas and I love it so much. It’s so nice because I can  literally print photos from my phone and it’s so simple for real though. I am in the process of decorating my planner with photos and I am going to make a photo album of my Bahamas trips. Only issue is that it only comes with 15 sheets of paper and I am already out. However I honestly really do love it.


Happy reading (:






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