What’s in my carry on

Sip and have fun! (2)

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

I have finally decided I will be posting weekly. Mainly, it will be once a week only, but hey if I am feeling inspired I could surprise you with two posts a week or maybe even three, who knows! I am not going to choose a specific day to post since sometimes my work days change and my college program has a pretty heavy course load so I don’t want to promise blog posts on a certain day because my week can be unpredictable. I hope you all understand! However, I can for sure promise weekly blog posts and who knows maybe eventually I will choose a specific day to post. For now though, let’s get started on today’s blog post (which I am so excited to start writing)

Tomorrow will be the one week mark till I head to the Bahamas with my boyfriend and I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am. I am from Canada, and January and February are probably the coldest months here so I am so excited to head to the Bahamas and soak up some rays and just go on a relaxing vacation. I have never been to a island destination for a vacation so it’s going to be so fun to just lounge on a beach and explore the island. I thought i’d start my first travel blog post series with a what’s on my carry on. I was going to post a Zaful Review of two bathing suits I ordered but I still need to photograph the bathing suits so I am postponing that post for a couple days but stay tuned. I will also be posting a travel diary of the whole trip and a travel look book, but, let’s get started with…what’s in my carry on.

  1. My laptop/headphones: Even though I do not want to think about school at all on my vacation, I might bring my laptop just in case to check up on stuff. I also have a lot of TV shows on my laptop which is always nice to have just in case. Also headphones are key. Even though I have my boyfriend’s company, When I am travelling I do like to listen to music when I am sleeping on the plane to block out all the sounds on the airplane.
  2. A sweater: I may be going somewhere warm, but I am leaving from cold ass Canada. I usually keep a sweater or have a sweater on though just in case because I find airplanes cold a lot of times.
  3. An extra set of clothes: It’s always nice to have an extra change of clothes to change into after being on a plane for a long time or even a short time. For this trip we have to take a train to get to the airport and then go on a plane so it will be a long day. Since I am going somewhere warm I most likely will pack an outfit for the warm weather because when I leave Canada I will be wearing a pair of leggings and a heavy sweater.
  4. A water bottle: Obviously you have to buy this past security but I always highly recommend you bring a water bottle. I sometimes would have coffee at the airport and then spend the flight having to pee every 15 mins and I would get headaches. Water is super key to always have.
  5. Gum: If your ears have the tendency to clog. I highly highly highly recommend gum. I also recommend gum that is super chewy so your ears can eventually pop.
  6. My toiletry bag: It’s always nice to carry your toiletry bag in your carry on. *Knock on wood* that I or you would ever use your luggage. I think having your toiletry bag is one of the most key things to have in your carry on.
  7. Twizzlers and Pringles: After I go through security (happy now Kara…loooool) anyways, These are just two snacks I always make sure I get. They are for sure not the healthiest, but I always tend to pig out more on vacations.
  8. Phone and Laptop chargers: Especially when you have a stupid phone like mine that has a battery that dies so fast (It goes through phases where the battery will just drain so quickly) anyways, it’s so handy to keep your charger with you to charge on the plane or at the airport.
  9. Passport/wallet/phone: This one was kind of a given, but I of course carry my wallet, passport and phone in my carry on as well (aside from my passport my wallet and phone are just everyday essentials for me).
  10. A book: I probably won’t read a book on the plane this trip since we are leaving pretty early and I will want to sleep, plus I have my boyfriend to talk to. However I am bringing a book to read on the beach which I will probably put in my carry on incase I don’t sleep on the plane. The plane is the perfect place to catch up on all those books that you have wanted to read but don’t have enough time for (unless you’re like me and get nauseous when trying to read when I am in cars or planes hahaha).


and that is a general idea of what I bring in my carry on. Obviously depending on weather and time of year this can vary but this is usually is the main essentials I bring. I also am using just my black Herschel backpack which I like but I do wish I invested in a bigger size bag at the time because it isn’t the biggest bag.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Happy reading!



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