Zaful Review

Zaful review

Happy Thursday y’all!! I still can’t believe how close I am to my Bahamas trip ahh. You don’t even know how excited I am.

Finally here to talk about my experience with Zaful,  and might I say I was pleasantly surprised. Also side note, they don’t have either of the bathing suits I ordered on the website anymore which is why I don’t have a super nice quality photo from the website. I had to find a screen shot I sent to a friend when I was trying to decide which ones to get. It’s funny though because it took me so long to photograph the ones I got, that finally by the time I did, the ones on the website were gone…just my luck :p anyways let’s begin

My experience with Zaful/About Zaful

Zaful is an online store based in Hong Kong that carries women’s clothes and accessories. I have been wanting to buy stuff from Zaful forever but the only reason why I didn’t was because I was hesitant of the sizing. I have watched/ read countless reviews of stories where people had trouble choosing the right size and ran into sizing problems. I also put an Instagram story poll asking people for suggestions on where to buy bathing suits and a lot of people suggested Zaful, so I went for it. Now, in Canadian sizes I typically wear between a size small-medium depending on the clothing. However, a girl suggested I sized up to a large because Zaful sizes typically fit really small. At first I was scared to do that but I took her word of advice since she had ordered bikinis from Zaful so I went for it. Another thing about sizing that’s a bit annoying is that since it comes in a set you can’t for example, choose a small top and a medium bottom. You have to get the same size for both. For someone like me, I am not the same size on the top or bottom so I was a little sketched out about that. Both the bathing suits I got are actually not on the website anymore so I am not sure if they still carry them or if they will be back, but I got a royal blue high-cut bikini and a black smocked bikini. The blue one cost $15.97 Canadian and the black one cost  $15.33 Canadian. In total (including the shipping) was $39.99.

Shipping experience

I’m 99% sure I paid for just the standard shipping that says it would take 10-16 days (I can’t remember if that was the exact days but it was around that. The shipping cost  was $6.38. The only weird thing about the shipping was that I got one bikini before the other, but I ordered them as an order together. It wasn’t too bad because I got one Friday and one Monday. I just wanted to get them before my vacation so I wasn’t complaining.


On the real…I was really surprised with what I got. I felt like every youtube video I watched, the girl was either really happy or really disappointed. I was for sure very happy with the two bikinis I got. I was really impressed with the quality of both of them. The material is thick so it doesn’t feel too cheap or anything. The bottoms are a TAD big but it’s not noticeably big and the top fit nicely. The black bikini bottoms were a TAD snug but again, it’s bearable and the top is a big loose,  so I decided it would be my lounging bikini and not my swimming one. However, the quality of the black bikini is also very nice, also not to thin which is nice.


Over all I was actually really happy with the two purchases and I do recommend buying bikinis there if you’re going on vacation. I don’t think they are the best for like intense swimming but if you’re just going to the beach or pool these are great. I also recommend you size up or two because they do fit small.


I hope this was helpful and hope you enjoyed 🙂

Happy reading 🙂




Website zafulMine

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