Amazon Haul

Amazon Haul

Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week so far. I am currently getting prepared to move out into my first apartment. Aside from living in residence my first year, this will be my first apartment, which I am so excited. Moving out involves a lot of planning prior to move in day.  Three tips I have, that have been working well for me so far is, writing out a list of things you need and checking them off as you go. This will keep you organized and make sure you have everything important prior to move in day. Secondly, both Andrew and I are students and only work part time jobs right now, therefore we are obviously not super rich to buy all new furniture. Ask your family and friends for stuff, you’d be surprised. Recently I found this pretty ugly brown table in my basement, but with a lot of paint and sanding the table looks almost brand new. Let me know if you’d like a blog post about painting furniture (not sure if that would interest anyone but let me know). Lastly, I have actually been scoping out Amazon for a lot stuff and found some really good deals. I have 4 things to show you in this post but did recently order another package of things so let me know if you want another haul.

Furino 5 Tier Corner Shelf, $27.67 CA

IMG_4180 download

I am so happy with this book shelf. I opened the package earlier to make sure it was the right colour, but I am not going to assemble it till I move in. Were kind of going for a blue, white, with wood accents theme (or at least trying too) and I just really liked the look of this shelf. It was also really affordable. I know a lot of nice wood book shelfs retail for 50$ and up so I thought this was a steal.

Top Finel Brushed Microfiber Square Decorative Throw Pillows Cushion Covers, PillowCases Soft For Sofa Set Of 6 size 18×18 inch Navy, $31.99 CA

IMG_4179  download (1)

Alright, so this one has a back story, kind of. I am happy with the cases but when I ordered it, my mind must of completely blocked out the word “covers”. So, I thought I was getting 6 actual pillows. However, I am still really happy with the quality of the cases and think there a perfect touch to decorate a couch or futon.


Tebery 3 Pieces Duvet Cover Set, Soft Microfiber Bedding With Zipper Closure, Blue Gray Queen $38.99 CA



This is one of my favourite things I got. Choosing out a new duvet cover was so hard because there are honestly so many choices and colours and patterns, but I finally came across this one and loved it. It fits with our colour theme and it was really affordable. The quality feels good but well see after the first wash how it survives.

Sunbeam Newbrook7-Pc Cookware set, Red $39.00 CA



Last but not least, just some pots and pans. This is sort of an essential to anyone living that adult life. Instead of buying pots and pans individually try finding sets.


Stay reading 🙂



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  1. Hannah says:

    I remember moving to student halls the first year of University where thankfully all the furniture is provided but you have to bring all the little things like a laundry hamper and cooking utensils and just trawling the supermarkets looking for discounted plates and cutlery. It’s so much fun and made me feel all grown-up but also never realised how expensive everything is!!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thelifeofkt72 says:

      Haha yeah when I was in residence all my furniture was there which was nice! The apartment I am moving into isn’t furnished though. Our kitchen comes with most stuff but other than that it’s empty! However, I have had fun looking up stuff on Pinterest for decor ideas 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hannah says:

        It’s always nice decorating the place and making it reflect both of you. xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. thelifeofkt72 says:

        Haha yes we’ve been having a great time choosing out stuff 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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