A day in my life (Day off edition)

Day in my life

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sorry for posting a day late. Since I decided to do a day in my life, I wrote this post kind of late since it was based off my whole Monday day and I was to tired yesterday to write it all. I thought it would be fun to do a day in my life day off edition. Let me know if you think doing a school edition would be fun as well.  I decided to do yesterday because I actually had a lot planned and thought it would be more interesting. Also, I will be posting this Thursday as usually but will not be posting next Monday since I will be moving into my apartment between Saturday-Monday and its a very busy weekend, hope you all understand :). 


Morning 9:00-11:15am getting ready

I started my morning waking up around 9:00am, I was really tired still so I ended up hitting my snooze alarm about 4 times. I eventually got up at around 10:30am and got ready for my day. Yesterday’s outfit of the day was very casual, A beige sweater with a pair of leggings, paired with a white and blue floral choker.  After getting ready I was watching the Hills (which I am currently binge watching again). At around 11:15am I headed to the bus stop and was off to my first destination of the day.

Sushi and Shopping ft. Kara

I met up with my friend Kara and we went out to 168 Sushi for lunch. It was really fun and we had a good time. I met Kara this year in our program and over the last couple months have become really good friends, so it was nice that we got to go out for sushi lunch (if only Jia was in town to come with us, but I’m sure eventually us 3 will go to sushi). After sushi we did a little clothing shopping and I ended up buying these blue striped pants which are completely out of my usual comfort zone but I want to start buying more statement pieces. I also bought a pair of burgundy shorts that fit high-waisted but I am not sure if they are actually high-waisted haha. Then we hit up our favourite place, Home sense! Kara also lives in an apartment so we were just browsing for stuff. I ended up buying a storage organizer bin for my closet, some fairy lights (finally) and this cute art piece that says “Do more of what makes you sparkle”. Yes the sign is a bit cheesy but it was on clearance for 10$ and it goes with our colour theme. 




After seeing Kara I went over to Andrew’s place and we had a pretty relaxed afternoon. We sorted out all our internet, cable and some more details about our actual move in day. Both of us had some homework so we spent a good chunk of the evening working on some school work. We didn’t know what to eat for dinner since Andrew has been cleaning out his fridge since the move is in 4 days from now, so we hit up chicken nuggetland (MCDEES). Now that I think about it, I had sushi and Mcdees in the same day…oh my. Anyways we had a really relaxed evening as well (mainly just binge watching the hills) till we fell asleep.


And that’s it! That is a day in my life, day off edition. I hope you enjoyed 🙂


Stay reading and I will see you on Thursday 🙂


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  1. Hannah says:

    I love the artwork – it’s adorable! xx


    1. thelifeofkt72 says:

      Thank you 🙂 I love it too!

      Liked by 1 person

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