Where Have I been/Update

Where have I been

Hi everyone 🙂

(UPDATE: I changed my blog name to http://www.kendrasblogg.wordpress.com, so you won;t be able to search me by my old URL). 

In case you forgot, it’s me Kendra. I want to first apologize for not writing a blog post for literally the last three months. Once I finished school life got pretty busy and as much as I wanted to write I just couldn’t find the motivation and time to write. That being said,  I am back! I still haven’t figured out how often I want to post or if I am going to come up with a schedule but I can promise you I will not be going on any two month breaks anytime soon.

Since I finished school I was mainly working. The days I wasn’t working I was still getting my apartment organized from the move and hanging out with friends. I quit my retail job halfway through June to start working at the summer camp I have been working at the last couple of summers. I really did like working retail (well retail was ok, I mainly miss the friends I worked with). However, I am so happy to be back at camp again (A day in my life camp edition is in the works right now).

Overall, life has been really great. This summer has been insanely warm but still loving it. A lot of exciting things are planned for this summer. My birthday is coming up, I booked a weekend trip with Andrew for the end of July and working on planning another small trip end of August, so get excited for that :).

I am really excited to be writing again and I will be back with another post asap 🙂


Stay reading


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