Another year, another birthday

Another year another birthday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I first just wanted to say thank you for all the new people who have recently followed my blog. I have started using twitter again to reach out to more bloggers. I am also going to try and be way more active on twitter since I think it’s the easiest way to interact and discover new blogs! If you are not already following me it’s @kendraaa128

When I turned 20 I felt like it seemed so old compared to 19. However, as I am writing this post and realizing that I am turning 21 tomorrow I feel like 20 seems so young and 21 seems so old (I guess thats just how it’s going to work from now on haha.) When I turned 20 I felt like it was going to be such a great year. The year of growing and setting goals for myself and I can honestly say I had a pretty amazing year. I feel like normally people would do these kind of re cap posts going into a new year but I was reflecting on everything I did when I was 20 and decided why not write about it!

I went into second year of Advertising and Marketing still not really knowing what I wanted to do but along the way I become close to two girls who I consider some of my best friends. They helped me and motivated me through my second year, not just in school but outside of school as well. Jia and Kara, I am very grateful to have become friends with both of you and I want to thank you for always being there for me. Second year was a hard year though. School definitely challenged me. Balancing 7 courses (one being the school magazine, which also took a lot of dedication and time), however I managed to pull through and for the first time ever made the deans list. I finished second year really loving my program and having a way better idea of what I want to do after I am done this program and I am so excited to be heading into my third and final year.

This year I also went to the Bahamas for the first time ever (I have a blog post about my trip). That was definitely a highlight of my year and it was a trip to remember forever.

I also got my first retail job this year. Retail wasn’t bad…it’s not the best…but it’s not awful. I think I mainly liked it because I met some great people working there too and they honestly made work way more bearable…(talkin bout u Andrea). I was sad I had to quit in June but it was because when I moved the commute to work  was to far and I was starting my new job which I will get into.

This year Andrew and I took the next big step in our relationship and we moved in together this past April. If you are interested in me talking about living with my boyfriend and the experience with that let me know! I did a post about the first week in my apartment though if you missed that. Speaking about Andrew, we also celebrated our 3 year anniversary in June too. Instead of getting super cheesy i’ll just keep this brief. We are very happy together, I am happy we are finally all settled in our apartment and life is great.

And finally I started working at summer camp. I have been working at this camp for the last two summers. There is something about camp that I love. The camp I work at is a very tight community. Everyone is so friendly and happy and even though it is stressful at times, it’s all worth it in the end.

and now that the year of 20 is coming to an end tonight I am so excited to be turning 21. I hope to achieve and succeed and many things this year and to keep making each year better and better.


I hope you enjoyed this recap

Stay reading 🙂



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