Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner


Welcome to or back to my blog and also welcome the season of Fall.

Fall is such a fun time of year, it’s starting to get chilly outside but not too cold. The leafs are changing colour which honestly is so beautiful. It is also the month we get to celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween. I decided to start off Fall by hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner with a couple of my friends from High school. If you are planning a dinner I came up with two tips to planning a good thanksgiving dinner

# 1 Have a potluck!

Let’s be real, unless you have a huge passion for cooking or are a cook then by all means cook up a feast. I am a 21 year old on a budget haha. On the real, I think it is always really fun doing a potluck for dinners because you get a whole variety of food (and a bonus is less dishes to clean 😉 ). Last night at my dinner Kirsti made rice with chickpeas and peas in a butter chicken sauce. Emma brought a vegan shepherds pie and a pumpkin cheesecake and drinks. Heather provided chips and cookies. Lastly I provided a salad, and pumpkin pie. Also side note I just want to thank my friends for bringing all that food it was all so delicious. I also bought spring rolls but we had a lot of food so I didn’t end up making them. My number one tip for potlucks though is to either assign each person with a certain part of dinner, example, a appetizer person, a dessert person etc. or make sure you discuss it in your group chat so you don’t end up having a dinner just of desserts…(I mean that doesn’t sound so bad).

#2 Decorate for the festivities

I had so much fun making my living room Fall themed for last night! As a college student I obviously can not afford to go all out but buying that super cute  home sense display that is all Thanksgiving and Halloween themed,  but I did actually find some really affordable finds while shopping. If you know me you would know I love home decor stores. I was able to find some really sweet decor from Homesense and Pier 1. I find decorating really puts the atmosphere into a fall mood and it makes it feel more like a festive dinner rather than just a normal dinner together.

Lastly here is a spread from last night I can not remember where I got everything or all prices but I added as much as possible.

Table cloth: Homesense for 14$ (sale item)

Sparkly Skelton: Pier 1 imports for $8

Salt Water Taffy: Winners for I believe around 7$

Snow globe (Which also plays music): Homesense

Napkins: Pier 1 for $3

Warm Vanilla hand lotion: Bath and Body Works (I don’t know why that was on the table lol)

Water bottle: Winners (Also I just forgot to take that off the table)



So there you have it! Just a couple tips for planning a Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you guys are all happy Fall has arrived. I have a lot of fun posts coming up this month so stay posted!


Stay reading (:



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