Hi everyone. Welcome to or welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to talk about friendship. I have been lucky enough to have met some of my best friends in my life already who I know will be in my life forever. I also have met people who I thought I’d be friends with forever but things didn’t end up working. When you’re young, drifting apart from someone can be really scary and a really shitty feeling. I mean who wants to lose a friend they’ve spent so much time in life with? However, as I have gotten older and have gone through situations where I have completely disconnected from friends or have drifted from I’ve learned that sometimes it’s for the better.

Sometimes I wonder, what did I do or what could I have done to prevent that from happening, but sometimes friends just don’t work out and it has nothing to do with the people. It’s just all about growing up. When you grow, you start to learn things about yourself and you start putting yourself first and realizing some people might not match the way you are growing, which is perfectly fine and it’s all part of growing up.

Being in your twenties is an awesome but also tricky time of life. You are so busy trying to balance everything in your life and sometimes you start prioritizing one thing over another. I have learned that your true friends will be there for you no matter what. Life gets busy, sometimes it’s hard to balance things. Don’t feel bad for trying to focus on yourself. Sometimes friends don’t have enough time to hang out and I believe that is a normal situation that happens. People move out of there family homes, we all have different school schedules, jobs, in relationships etc.

However, I have also learned the importance of balance and effort. You should always try and make time for your friends. Even if it’s just a hangout every month, it’s the thought that counts. The less effort you start showing, the more people will start to drift. If only one person is putting in the effort it starts to feel one-sided and that is not a good feeling. It’s really important to communicate with that friend if you’re in that situation. Sometimes it works out for the better and sometimes it doesn’t. However, I believe that the ones that end can be for the better. If both people start lacking then what’s the point? If it’s one-sided, it eventually gets tiring and it’s not worth it if the other person gives up. Everything will work out for the better in the long run.  Don’t be afraid if you are in a situation like that. It’s the most important to talk the person first of course but it is okay to drift apart from someone. It’s all apart of growing up.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Been working a lot on some new posts and trying to get back on my blog game.

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