Three different restaurants in one week

Hello everyone and happy new year!

I hope everyone has been having a great 2019 so far. I start school again on the 7th which I am happy about but of course sad about since I will no longer be on holidays. Since the holidays are coming to an end I made the best of my last week off and went to 3 restaurants this week. Two of them were completely new to me and the other I have been to several times but always enjoy going there.


Place #1: The Savoy Brasserie

Located: Ottawa, ON

The Savoy Brasserie is the place I have been to several times. My family and I used to come here for breakfast on occasion and I have always loved it. I used to get the steak and eggs every time I went. My friend Kirsti wanted to plan a brunch before the end of the year with my other two friends, Emma and Heather. I suggested we go to the Savoy since I hadn’t been in a while. Even though we spent more money on mimosas than food it was all worth it. The Savoy is located in Westboro in Ottawa. We all had the “Westboro eggs benedict” which was an eggs benedict with guacamole, spinach and hollandaise sauce. The eggs benedict came with either potatoes, a salad or a bit of both.  I got it with a bit of both. It also came with a bowl of fresh fruit which completed the meal. Overall the food itself was absolutely delicious. The eggs benedict was so tasty and had the perfect amount of guacamole. It also had a lot of spinach so if you are a big spinach fan you’ll love this. Overall it was all very delicious and I will be coming here again for brunch in the future.

The whole meal itself was $15 (it was an extra $2 if you got a little bit of both). I honestly think this was a great price for everything you get. We also had their mimosa which was very good. One mimosa cost $10 so if you are ready to treat yourself then go for it! Overall I highly recommend this place for brunch. It’s the perfect place to go for brunch with friends or family. The place itself has a very nice atmosphere with lots of windows so you can people watch while eating (who else does that?). The Savoy also offers a dinner menu which I haven’t tried yet but hopefully in the future I will be able too. I highly recommend this place.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Place #2: Paradise Poké

Location: Ottawa, ON

This was my first time going to a Poké bowl place and I was so excited to try it. Paradise Poké is located in downtown Ottawa. They have a selection of signature bowls and a couple of acai bowls. They also have a build your own which is what I went for! In my bowl, I got sushi rice as the base, tuna as my protein, spicy mayo as my sauce, sweet onion, green onion, cucumber,  purple cabbage, mango, crispy shallots avocado (additional cost) and seaweed salad (additional cost). Sometimes I will be hesitant with bowls because I am scared they won’t stack it enough, but boy I can tell you…they STACKED this bowl. I can guarantee you will be so stuffed by the end of this bowl.

My bowl was around $20 but that is because I got two additional toppings that were an extra cost. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a place to eat with a friend when you are HUNGRY. I will for sure be back to this place. Also if you like seaweed I highly recommend paying extra for the seaweed salad. You get so much of it and it tastes so good, it really completed my bowl.  I also got the house-made ice tea. It was really light and refreshing. You know how some drinks are really filling? This drink felt light so it was the perfect drink to pair with this bowl. Overall the atmosphere at Paradise Poké was very welcoming and I will for sure be coming back here in the future.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Place #3: Le Bistro

Location: Montebello, QC

Lastly, Andrew and I went to this cute restaurant after our date to Parc Omega (might do a blog post on that next week). Le Bistro was located in Montebello. The place itself was very cute and had a very positive vibe around it. Now onto the food…the food here was very delicious. We decided to split an appetizer, which was their homemade calamari with tzatziki sauce. The calamari was cooked perfectly and they gave us the perfect amount of tzatziki sauce for the calamari. If you know me, you know I love sauces and my pet peeve is when you don’t get enough sauce with a meal, can anyone else relate? For my main, I got their fish and chips. The fish and chips came with fries and some coleslaw. Overall the main course was also really delicious the fish and chips and fries were hot which was super great. The worst is when you get your food and it’s already cooled down. The appetizer was $8.95 and the fish and chips were $18.95 which I think was affordable for the quality and the amount of food you get. I was extremely satisfied after this meal. Overall I would definitely come back to this place.


I just want to give a big thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I said in my last blog post I wanted to try more restaurants in the new year so looks like I am off to a great start! Let me know if you like these kinds of posts or if you have any suggestions for posts. I will be posting every Sunday! Make sure you also follow me on Instagram: kendra.thompsonn and on Twitter: @kendraaa128 I post blog updates and details on both these platforms 🙂


Stay reading



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  1. All of this food looks so tasty! You’ve taken some great photos of it


    1. Kendrasblogg says:

      Thank you so much 😊


  2. Emma says:

    LOVE FOOD! 😉 Let’s cook together soon!

    xoxo, Gossip Girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kendrasblogg says:

      YES come over soon ❤


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