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Hello everyone 🙂

Welcome back to my blog! First off I would just like to say, I am sorry I didn’t post last Sunday. I was feeling so sick all weekend and was not feeling good enough to write a blog post. That being said, I am feeling way healthier again and I will be posting this Sunday as well (double posts woo)! For today’s blog post I wanted to focus it on just some general advice for a college student. I will be graduating in the next couple months and thought this would be a fun topic to talk about. I just wanted to share some of my advice and experiences and hopefully be helpful to someone out there.

Shop smart/Budget

Now, this one took me a really long time to learn.  I love to online shop and shop in general. Of course, I still love to shop but over the last couple of years, I have learned to shop smart. I’ve learned not to just buy things just because it’s cute or if I really want something but don’t really need. I try to only spend money if I really need something. I saw a quote a while ago by John Wildsmith that said: “You are either in your bed or in your shoes so it pays to invest in both”. That quote was one of the reasons why I don’t shop as impulsively anymore.  Also, I’ve learned since moving into my apartment about a year ago, that it’s not going to look like a luxurious apartment in downtown New York. When you’re in college you won’t have the money to decorate your place super luxuriously. However, over time it’s nice to invest in things like decorations and stuff but if you are just moving into your first place don’t go spending all your money on stuff right away. Ask your parents to see if they have any just extra furniture you’d be surprised how much stuff our parents probably have.

Organize your life

This one has been an ongoing struggle for me but I think now that I have started blogging weekly and started youtube that I finally have gotten in the routine of planning. Whether it is a planner or an app, find something that will help you stay organized. When you grow up, you start having more responsibilities and it’s so easy to lose track of things. Every year I buy planners and never can commit to using them. I end up just using my phone to remind me of things, which is still a fine method to use. However, finally, after so many years, I have gotten into the habit of writing everything down in my planner. I really love my planner to because there is a lot of space to write and there is also a weekly to-do section, notes section, goals of the week and reminders, which is really nice and a great way to keep organized. I got my planner at Chapters (

Plan your meals

I think meal planning is so important because it helps you plan your grocery trips which help you budget better. If you just go to the grocery store not knowing what you want you, I find you just buy whatever and you will either forget something you needed or just buy things you are craving. You’ll get home from the store and realize all you bought was pasta and all your fixings for a salad but realized you didn’t have any pasta sauce or lettuce. Planning meals can also encourage you to not spend money on ordering out and encourage you to cook.

Lastly, Balance Balance Balance

This one is very important and something I definitely struggled with over the years but I think I have finally gotten into a good routine. I can’t stress the importance of having a good balance in your life. I know at times you get busy, but it’s so important to make time for yourself,  with family and friends, for your school work etc. I think when you are on a bad balance it can cause stress. I think at the end of the day you just need to realize that it’s okay to take time for yourself and take it easy if you are overwhelmed by something.


I hope you enjoyed these four pieces of advice and I hope they were helpful!

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  1. Hope you’re feeling lot’s better now! These are great pieces of advice, I loved reading the post 🙂

    Kate |

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    1. Kendrasblogg says:

      Thank you so much✨


  2. cynspo says:

    This is great! Where were you when I was in university? Awesome tips, keep up the awesome writing!


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    1. Kendrasblogg says:

      Thank you so much🌸


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