Life after college

Hello everyone,

It’s been a hot minute since I have sat down and just wrote out a blog post without any real planning. It’s just me, my ice coffee and some Drake playing (quite a relaxing morning).  Today I arrived 30 minutes early to my internship and the office was closed so I decided to sit down and just write (or should I say type).  It’s been exactly 5 days since I finished my journey at College.

I am so happy to move onto bigger things. I guess I never really talked about my internship on my blog yet. I have been so busy and just trying to take this all in without worrying about making youtube videos or blog posts about it. I got my internship in February. I applied to a handful of places but it was between this place and another where I had the most interest. It’s funny because it was also the place I thought I had the least chance of getting so I tried to not get my hopes up. I was pretty down on myself at first which honestly made me hold off even applying to the job.

However, I eventually sucked it up and just applied (what’s the worst thing that could happen?) Oh yeah, rejection. However, if you’re in my boat, don’t be scared of rejection, it’s going to happen sometime in your life. Before I was offered my interview I was asked to send in some of my creative work. I was so nervous because I had just started my Youtube channel and it wasn’t at all where I wanted it to be but I sent it anyways. I got asked for an interview 5 days later and I was actually really shocked. The interview went well and was offered the job about 12 hrs later.

Now I am here, sitting in my office (yes the doors are open now) and finishing up this blog post.  Anyways I got kind of off track there but if you’re still with me then I can happily say I accepted an internship with a university in their Athletics, in their marketing department. My title is videographer intern but I also work with social media. My first day actually went really well and everyone was so nice. It made me realize that I have been waiting for this for a while now. I was so over school. I mean of course, I miss my friends and seeing my professors but to be honest, I was getting over the actual school part. I was ready to get out into the working world, meet new people and start working on things that can help me get closer to my personal goals.

That’s all for now, make sure you check out all my other socials (all linked at the top). have a great day today!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dewana 💓 says:

    This was such an amazing read especially since i’m nearing the end of college myself….it’s nice to just suck up and try new things …i hope you have fun on your internship


    1. Kendrasblogg says:

      Thank you so much! Life has been definintly busy now that I am working everyday which is why I just saw your comment :o. I hope your last few weeks of college go well :).

      Liked by 1 person

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