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Before we begin the main purpose of this blog post, lets just cut to the chase…I have not written a blog post in about three months. The honest truth is that I have truly been unmotivated and lazy. I am not going to lie, once I started youtube, I have put more of my energy towards that. I just want to acknowledge people who are YouTubers and bloggers who are consistent. It is SO hard to find a balance in life. However, I do want to give myself the benefit of the doubt. These last few months have just been so busy, with finishing college and then starting an internship right away. However, with my internship ending and school being done I finally have a bit of free time. It’s been a while since I have done a monthly favourites post but they are some of my favourites to write about. So lets just into it!



The Ordinary Natural moisturizer: The Ordinary has been all the rave lately. I finally caved. I am pretty particular about skin care products since I do have sensitive skin. Once I find something that works for my skin, I don’t typically like to change it up. I decided to try the moisturizer since I do have dry skin sometimes. You can use this moisturizer on its own, but they recommend you use it with a face oil as well. I personally think this moisturizer is okay on its own but I started using it with oil recently and it’s a game changer. It leaves my face so soft and hydrating. This moisturizer retails for $7.70 CA. I think it is a reasonable price especially since you don’t have to use too much each time. Highly recommend.


Maybelline Mascaras: Earlier this year I switched to the Maybelline Rocket mascara (recommended to me) and I love it, this mascara truly does work wonders to my eyelashes. I included the Maybelline total temptations as well because I recently have switched back to it, simply because it’s waterproof. Now I recently heard in a youtube video that the rocket does come in a waterproof as well (however, the person in the video said it wasn’t as good, so if you have used it let me know). I personally like waterproof mascaras. I do think that the rocket gives more volume than the total temptations but the temptation mascara is waterproof which is personally better for me. The rocket is retailing at $5.70 CA at Walmart, which is where I bought it and the total temptation mascara retails at $10.49 CA on the Maybelline website (I think it’s sold out at the Rexall since I couldn’t find it).


Fenty Glow Lip gloss: Okay…I LOVE. This is the first Fenty product I have owned and it’s my absolute favourite. If you know me I wear minimal to no makeup (but recently started getting more into it). This lip gloss has such a nice formula. It is not to sticky and makes my lip glossy but not overly glossy, which I love. This lip gloss is priced at $23 CA which is a bit pricey for a lip gloss, however, I truly do love it.


Nars concealer: I have never been a foundation wearer or a concealer wearer. I tried a foundation once years ago and it made my skin break out which freaked me out. I then purchased another one maybe a year ago and then never used it (a great way to spend your money Kendra :D). However, recently I have heard people talking about how great the Nars concealer was. I didn’t want to spend $37 CA on the full size in case I didn’t like it. I bought the mini size for $16 CA and I truly love it. I typically just apply a bit on my forehead and my under eyes. It blends out really nicely which is what I was hoping for. I highly recommend this concealer and I will probably be buying the large size in the future.

And that is it! I hope you liked this comeback post. I am so excited to start writing again and posting content for all you (well all of you who have stuck around). You know what…I am going to post a blog post EVERY WEEK. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. We can do it guys (well I can do it). It’s all about staying motivated. A fellow blogger,( )I met through Twitter (who is actually from my home town, small world eh!) tweeted something today she said “Blog tip of the day: learn to rest, not quit. Being a new blogger can be so overwhelming once you learn all that it entails. It’s okay to take days off from your blog, but don’t give up. Make a list of all the things you need to do & take one at a time. You’ve got this.

That tweet really did just make me think and made me remember that it’s okay to take breaks but to never quit. I remembered how much I loved writing and posting. How great and accomplished I feel posting a post.

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday and I’ll be back next week 🙂


Stay reading (:



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