Toronto/Oakville Travel Diary

Hello everyone šŸ™‚

Before I make too many excuses. Yes, I am aware I did not post last week. I was in the middle of writing my graduation post but to be honest I wasn’t completely happy with it. I was going to start over but then I was away this weekend. I decided I wanted to write my travel diary post first. If you don’t follow my youtube channel I did a vlog about the trip ( However for my 101 blog readers, still can’t believe it. I am obviously not the most consistent writer but it’s crazy to even think that I have one reader out there, let alone 101, so thank you so so so much.

I went to Toronto for a very short but needed trip with my family and Andrew. We went to Toronto on Saturday because my dad wanted to see a play. I have always loved Toronto so much. It was even more exciting than normal downtown because of pride month! We went to this restaurant called the Jazz Bistro and I had the most amazing pasta. I had the spicy spaghettini and it was seriously amazing. We then saw the play “Come from away” and it was truly unbelievable. I’ve been to a handful of plays in my life but haven’t been to one in a while. I was truly so impressed with all the actors and actresses. I thought the play had the perfect amount of humour as well.

The next day we left Toronto and went to Oakville. I had THE BEST brunch at the Glenn Abbey golf club. I have seriously never been to a brunch that offered SO much delicious food. It was an all you can eat brunch as well. It was a bit of the pricer side, but I swear it was totally worth it. We then went to go celebrate my grandma’s 100th birthday. I know…everytime I say it too I am so shocked. Andrew and I later flew home that night since Andrew had to return to work Monday. It was honestly such a nice trip. Since not living at home, I always really appreciate spending time with family.

Sorry, this blog post wasn’t super long, but I guess that makes sense since it was a short trip.

Again, I will be away this weekend so prepare for another Travel diary next week. I also posted some photos from the trip. I didn’t take any during my grandma’s birthday dinner because I just wanted to live in the moment!

Stay reading (:






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