Three new products I have been loving

Hello everyone!
Welcome to or back to my blog. I seem to have taken another hiatus from the blog. I have been focusing on other things, have currently just been living in the moment and haven’t been documenting it through the blog. I also feel like I was generally just unmotivated to write and I think it’s better for me to take a step back when I am feeling unmotivated. As much as it’s been good to take a step back from the blog…I have missed it so much. That being said, I have so much in store and can’t wait to start sharing again. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (where I am the most active on social media) @ kendra.thompsonn

Today I am here to share three new products I have added to my daily routine that I absolutely love. Let me know if you like these more beauty-focused blog posts and let me know if you have tried any of these products.


A few months ago I talked about my other concealer which is the Nars concealer. While I still love that one it’s a bit pricey for an everyday one. The Nars one retails for $39.00 CA. I found this concealer when I was at Walmart. At first, I kind of just chose it because it’s got a thick brush. However, when I got home and tried it out, I instantly fell in love with it. It’s the perfect everyday concealer. The product blends SO smoothly and does not look patchy whatsoever. It’s a full coverage concealer and it retails for about 14$ CA. I loved it so much I got one in a lighter shade which I used to highlight under my eyes. I highly recommend.



e.l.f Prep & Hydrate Balm

This was kind of a random purchase but something I use basically every day. It’s essentially just a hydrating stick for your skin. I typically will use it as a primer and put it all over my face if I am doing my makeup that day. This hydrating stick feels SO nice against my skin. It feels a bit sticky at first but once it starts drying your skin feels so smooth. It also helps your makeup stay in place. I got this at Winners for like $4 CA, I highly recommend.



The Ordinary Toning Solution


I am not going to lie, I had no idea what the purpose of toner was. I had heard of it through beauty gurus but I had no idea what it really did. I did some research and found out that toner essentially helps remove oil and excess dirt,  helps your pores and it can also help with the balance of your skin. I will use this toner to begin my skincare routine. I will rub it on my face everywhere (make sure you scrub it in well). I will then continue with my normal skincare routine which is face oil (from winners) and moisturizer (from The Ordinary line). This product retails for only $8.70 CAD which is super affordable. I highly recommend.



I hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to give a BIG thanks to everyone who follows my blog/reads my blog. I am super aware that my consistency on here is very on and off but it’s all about trying to stay motivated and keep going. I am back to weekly blog posts so stay tuned.


Stay reading (:




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