Life right now

Hey guys!

Welcome to or back to my blog. Guys…it’s September. Now, we still technically have till September 23rd till Fall officially starts. Originally I had a fashion post planned to go up this week but I had to wash the clothes I wanted to shoot for the post and then once I washed them I just wasn’t in the mood to shoot the photos. However, that post will be going up next week instead! I did feel like writing still, so here I am.

I decided I should do a life update post. I have gained a few more blog readers since my “Life after college post” and felt like it was time to update you guys. I also just wanted to say thank you so much for subscribing and reading my blog. I truly appreciate you all and I hope I can keep creating content for you that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it.

Now…where do I begin? I got to admit, summer 2019 was pretty relaxing! I spent the summer searching in the job world for full-time jobs but nothing sparked my interest. I know you can’t be picky for your first “grown-up” job…but truly nothing interested me that much. I eventually decided to work part-time and go back to retail for the time being.

I spent my end of summer at a cottage with my boyfriend and his family and had such a nice time. It was truly a very relaxing trip and the cottage was absolutely beautiful. We basically sat on the dock, ate delicious food, played games and watched movies the whole time and I couldn’t of ask for a better time there. I’ll add some photos at the bottom of this post or you can go to my Instagram where I have posted some photos.

I also decided since I am only working part-time I needed to do something else too. Perhaps volunteer or something? I decided I wanted to take a part-time course. I am lucky my college offers a ton of programs full-time, part-time, online etc. I decided I wanted to work on my french. I always did okay in french class growing up but stopped taking it after grade 10. I was never fluent in french but I understood the basics fairly well. I thought taking french would be really good for me. I am really excited to be taking this course while working part-time as well. I will actually be taking the course online too which is exciting because I could work from home or go work on campus if I felt like it.

And those are my main updates. I hope you liked this mini life update! Comment down below one new thing in your life.


Stay reading (:







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