Blogmas week 1: Lash lift experience


It has been quite some time since last posting on my blog! My blog recently just celebrated it’s 2 year anniversary though, so happy belated kendrasblogg!! Thank you so much to all of you who have subscribed to this blog and have kept up with me (even though I have been super inconsistence on here). However, that being said I am back for the month of December!! Yes, we are talking weekly blogmas posts. I am also posting 3 videos a week on my youtube channel for my take on vlogmas so there will be tons of content this month. All my socials will be linked below but lets get on with this first blog post.

About two weeks ago I had a friend reach out and ask me if I wanted to get a lash lift and tint (She is a certified eyelash artist). I have ALWAYS wanted to have lashes because my lashes D O  N O T  K E E P  A  C U R L. I kid you not, no matter how many times I curl them or use different mascaras they do not stay curled. Now the only reason why I never tried fake lashes honestly, was just the price. I know once I get them I won’t be able to go back to my normal lashes, so I just never got them. When Judy (eyelash artist) offered me a lash lift and tint, I had no clue what that was. Essentially it is a perm for your eyelashes. Now I don’t know the science behind it but basically she was able to give my lashes that curl without adding any actual lashes. For real, it is so game changing. I especially think it is game changing for girls or guys that have the same issue with me where your lashes face straight down because once they are lifted and you put a bit of mascara on, they look like you have extensions but yet it’s still so natural looking (since you aren’t actually getting any lashes added.

Lash lift/tints and extensions typically last around the same amount of time (however this varies depending on the person and how well they maintain them) however typically lash lifts are a bit cheaper. What was great about the lash lift as well is that it’s not as much maintenance as I expected. I wasn’t allowed to shower for 24 hours, I should not use waterproof mascaras and avoid using oil based products on my lashes but that’s about it.

Overall I am 100% in love with my lashes now and they have been SUCH a confidence booster. I have had this lift for just over a week and they are still holding up so well. I will keep you posted on how they are in the next 6-8 weeks and i’m thinking of getting extensions after my lash lift so I can compare the two!


Okay but like DO YOU SEE THIS…also this is right after she finished the process so this is my lashes without mascara.

IMG_2049Don”t forget to check out the incredible Judy, her instagram is

She did such an amazing job and she is such a sweet girl! Of course not all of you will be from my city so you probably won’t be able to book with her, but please go check out her instagram and show her some love & support or if you have any questions regarding eyelashes!

I hope you enjoyed my first post back and get ready for more this month! I’ll be active on a lot of my social media platforms so make sure to be following me!

See you all next week (:







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  1. I just got a lash lift for the first time! They were amazing the first day and then I was kinda like unimpressed by how less dramatic they got after that.


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