Blogmas #2: Whitening teeth at home review

Hey everyone!

Welcome to or back to my blog and welcome to blogmas week #2. I am so excited for this blog post to finally be going up because it has been in the works for weeks. Just over a month ago I started my teeth whitening process with smile brilliant and have recently just finished the process and I can’t wait to share everything!

A brief history about my teeth

My teeth and I have been through quite the journey in life but are finally at an amazing point. When I was a kid I had an under bite, which was not fun whatsoever. I was lucky enough to have braces for two years where which fixed my under bite. Once I became more confident in my smile I found myself looking a lot happier in photos. Now that I am older I’ve become really into self-care types of products and things that are quick and easy which is why I was so happy when smile brilliant reached out to me. I wouldn’t say before I used this kit that my teeth were at all yellow. However, I am a big coffee drinker and I love myself a good bag of skittles so in the long run that could be staining my teeth so I wanted to try this system out.

A little about Smile Brilliant

Smile brilliant is an at home personalized teeth whitening kit. I was able to try the whitening system. I was sent a kit with some clay to make my teeth molds and a whole bunch of whitening syringes and desensitization syringes. The process was really easy and they provided step-by step directions to make the process run smoothly (Check out my YouTube to see more of the process itself). Once I made my molds they give you an envelope to send them back so they can make your custom trays. At first I was hesitant because I thought it was going to take at least a week and I am all about convince but I was wrong, they came back within 3 days! Now this also might depend on where you live so keep that in mind. Once I got my trays (which basically are retainers, if you’ve had braces you’d know) and that’s when the process began!

The process

The process itself was very easy. You don’t have to do it every night but the more you do it the better results. All you have to do is put some of the whitening gel on the retainer and then stick it in and you’re done! They recommend you leave it in anytime between 45 minutes-three hours. Since I would whiten in the evening before bed I typically kept mine in for 1 hour and a half. I would do it every second night, however some weeks I would do it more and some less (it really depended on my schedule). However, what I liked was the process was so simple and you were able to continue doing anything since it just sits in your mouth. I did encounter a bit of teeth sensitivity the first time but that say that is normal and they provide a bunch of desensitization gels as well (which I never ended up using any which was great!)



Now the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Okay, let me first off by saying that I am still shocked. I am not going to lie when I was a couple weeks in I couldn’t really tell if there was much of a difference and if it was really working but when I put my before and after photo side by side I was SO SHOCKED. I am so happy with how they whitened because it looked so natural still. One other thing I was scared before was that it would whiten my teeth so much I’d look crazy. I am so happy with the way it turned out.


Overall I recommend this product to anyone who has been wanting to try a teeth whitening system. This system was not complicated whatsoever and it didn’t involve to much maintenance which I loved. The system costs $169 all at once or you can pay a month to month. Comparing this kit to others I believe it sits at a reasonable price point considering how much stuff you get with this kit and the success I have had with this kit. 


Surprise Surprise! 

Smile brilliant is giving away $149 credit to one lucky person! Contest will be opened for two weeks and will be opened to Canadian, USA, UK, and Australian residents. All you have to do is click the link and fill in the form (which is just your name and email, for real so simple) and you can also submit your Instagram handle for a better chance to win! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE 🙂


I hope you liked this blog post and I want to thank Smile Brilliant for reaching out to me! It has truly been a great experience

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